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It's uncontrollable I must confess
that every time I hear you say-
I can't imagine what travels trough your head
the subtle thoughts
the flick of gears
that make you tick
and makes me fear

Say goodbye and give me a reason
to not sit here
like the pathetic child I am
I can hear the laughs echo in my ears
I can feel your heart beat faster
when you hear her

My stomach wants to vomit
and my eyes want to plead
while my hands must hold back
the yearning to bleed

This wave of grief
is an unbearable relief
how can I put belief
into a thief

Precious, delicate, vulnerable
and pitiful girl I am.
They reveal my naked body
and they beat beat beat
me with their hands
and their words

Is it so hard to love

For what I deserve I do not
and the dark of my stomach may match the bruises
I wish I could not
wish to could not
wish to be not.
Make me speak, like it 's the last time you'll ever hear my voice.
Look at me, like any second you'd go blind.
Hold me, as if you'd let go, I'd disappear.
Take my hand, like you've been waiting for this moment.
Follow me, like you trust my paths.
Guide me, to create on our behalf.
Listen to me, like you could echo back every word.
Accept me, every flaw, even the ones that have stained my skin, even those from my mind and heart, those that can't be fixed and the ones that can.

Accept me.

Accept me.

Why do you keep trying to change me.
and change me
and change me
and change me

i hate myself
i hate myself
i hate myself

i hate myself.

I hate myself.

I'm wrong.
I'm too stubborn.
I'm too depressed.
I have too many scars.
I'm not open enough.
I'm not outgoing enough.
I'm unreasonable.
I'm a disappointment.
I take things too personally.
I'm too hard on myself.

Well I hate myself.

Accept me.

Accept me.
Tell me I’m okay
Tell me I’ll be just fine
These days are getting longer
It’s hard to be alive
I need to feel your love
Racing through my veins
‘cause all I see are scars
and all I know is pain

Tell me it’s all okay
That you’ll make everything alright
The days no longer lonely
And it’s okay to be alive
Make me feel your love
Rushing through my veins
Fade away my scars
Help me soothe this pain.
When all I wanted was to feel the passion all I received was denial. So when I tried to walk away, the passion held me for a while. I did not feel the passion though for it only grasped my hand as if that would be enough to last the night. So when it’s time to leave, it feels like before, where the passion is no longer with me. I could suffer the night, but today, I only feel the emptiness in the light. Why does the passion deceive me?
The air feels shallow as the water is deep,
and all this treading, there is no use.
These heavy promises make my heart seep-
this lack of feeling welcomes abuse.

Maybe it will give me something to do
maybe it will help me to stop thinking about you

Sometimes I get sad when I'm not with you,
and you don't think of me the way that I do.
The days drag on and I just sit here alone-

So late at night when the world is bleak,
I collapse in shame and expose the weak.
my lungs start to ache and my body heaves-

If they didn't miss me before,
why should they miss me now?
I am so worthless and it breaks my heart.
I need someone here with me.
I need them now- and desperately.
it hurts.
it hurts so bad.


Artist | Student | Photography
United States
-- (Tumblr)

and writing

"Silence is often misinterperited, but can never be misquoted."
Although she chose to let me go
I know my mommy loves me so
I can feel it in my heart
With me she can't bear to part
But if she chose to let me live
Her future she would have to give
But someday it will be my turn
to grow and live and love and learn
Though my body will be gone
You'll feel me in the air at dawn
Whispering that I will wait
Patiently for my chance at fate
My soul will be here when you're ready
When our future is safe and steady
then to term you'll carry me
and discover who I grow to be.


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